Lazer Strada KC




Fast, light, secure – the Strada KinetiCore is an all-round performer offering extensive protection to all levels of cyclists. Featuring enhanced comfort via the tailored-fit ScrollSys system and advanced ventilation management to keep you cool, all you need to worry about is enjoying the ride.

Enjoy every ride
The new Strada KinetiCore offers upgraded protection for every type of rider at a price that won’t break the bank. Featuring KinetiCore’s built-in protection technology with its Controlled Crumple Zones, the Strada covers your back whether you’re enjoying a weekend ride or tackling a long day in the mountains. The helmet provides superior 360° comfort thanks to the easy-to-adjust ScrollSys fit system, and the floating front headband aids ventilation, helping you stay cool when you’re working up a sweat. The TPU Eyewear Docking offers secure storage of your eyewear when you’re not wearing them, and the optional Universal LED light docks onto the helmet to increase visibility. To complete the package, a patented Aeroshell is available as a spare, to help you go faster and protect you from the elements.

Improved fit & overall comfort
Refine your helmet’s fit by scrolling the easy-to-use ScrollSys belt for the ultimate fit.

Venturi ventilation system
Lazer’s advanced ventilation system channels draws cool air into the helmet and expels hot air through the rear of the helmet to help cool you down when you’re pushing hard

No pressure points and more ventilation
The floating front headband increases airflow and eliminates pressure points, to keep you more comfortable.

Eyewear docking silicone
Keep your eyewear safe when you’re not wearing by storing them securely in the vent docking system.

LED light compatibility
Increase safety and visibility by attaching the Universal Lazer LED at the rear of the helmet.

6% lighter than Lazer Blade+ MIPS M CE.

Reduced plastics
20g less plastics used than in Lazer Blade+ MIPS M CE.

Aeroshell compatible
Upgrade for increased aerodynamic performance and complete protection from the elements.


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